Lu Chuk explains that where you are doesn't have to be where you end. His latest single crossover shows that a dark tunnel can lead you to light. Keep  going !


let it rain

As Lu Chuk steps out it begins to fall. Let it Rain displays the storm is just the beginning.

He's with me 

Lu Chuk makes it clear he's never alone. It's also clear he has no plans to stop anytime soon with this latest release.

   Coming from Winnipeg's North End he's no stranger to struggling for everything you get. His lyrics speak about the life he's had to endure to get to this point. The never die attitude comes across in his music like a bat across a windshield.  He has a story second to none and plans on leaving more than just a dent in the music industry. 


Fine to me

Your introduction into a mind of a man ready to keep it moving. Fine to me is more then a song it's a demonstration of what determination after betrayal can create. Lu Chuk has taken us threw a lot of situations, this is a new side never seen.


Lu Chuk is taking his music in to another dimention. 



 Pray for your  enemys 

" Glory To God "