Ducks in a row

Lu Chuk is taking his music in to another dimention. 



    Sometimes you have to run from who you were to become who your Are. The new single buy Lu Chuk speaks to you.


Come with me

    The follow up to Never To Late is now on all streaming sites. The brain child of Lu Chuk takes you even further into the mind of The man and his journey.


never 2 late

The long awaited follow up to No Warning, speaks about everything that is Lu Chuk. 

Lu Chuk

    The hardest working man  has arived. He's fought his way and is here to claim his rightfull place. Lu Chuk is the founder of Northside Productions. The label has been riddled with Quik ups and Fast downs. There's no refusing his God given talent. His relentless aggression, mixed with unique flows set him in a class of his own. His ear catching production has proven, that he is someone that cannot be over looked. He is a force to be respected in the Rap Game and will be for years to come.



" Chase your dreams. this is just the beginning of the beginning !"




   Coming from Winnipeg's North End he's no stranger to struggling for everything you get. His lyrics speak about the life he's had to endure to get to this point. The never die attitude comes across in his music like a bat across a windshield.  He has a story second to none and plans on leaving more than just a dent in the music industry. He came here to explode on it like no one before.


 Pray for my  enemys 

" Glory To God "