Northside Productions


         Leave it alone 

Lu Chuk captures the essence of the irresistible yet tumultuous emotions that come with being drawn to someone when everything tells you you should just leave. Beats are pulsating, the lyrics are raw, and the passion is undeniable. 

This may be the realest track he's made to date. find it on all streaming sights


Come With ME 

        The latest album released buy Northside Productions is now on all streaming sights.  Lu Chuk brings his story to a new level.

Northside Productions 

Welcome to N.S.P.  A Production company Dedicated to creating the best production possible.  Lu Chuk has just released his long awaited album Never 2 Late. Lu Chuk is a singer/ song writer/ Producer/ Director who puts everything into what he creates. Never 2 Late displays everything that he represents. Northside Productions offer's everything from beat production, Audio recording, Sound engineering to visual arts all of wich have been combined to create this release. If your looking to claim your place in the music industry then this is the place.